[Marxism] Antiwar protests

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Jan 27 16:35:06 MST 2007

I couldn't make to Washington today but NBC news gave more air time 
to the protest tonight than any I have seen in over 3 years 
probably.  It was linked to news of Bush's declining popularity--now 
at 30 percent. And 67 percent of the people polled say that he 
operates on his own beliefs rather than the facts. It is too bad that 
ANSWER and UFPJ can't work together but I think that it might be just 
fine if ANSWER can turn out similar numbers a couple of months from 
now. It also argues forcibly for the need to keep protesting no 
matter the size of the demo. When tens of thousands of people turn 
out for a protest in Washington, a news media that has already begun 
to line up with the bourgeois opposition will find a good excuse to 
turn up the heat.

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