[Marxism] Did the Political World Change Last November?

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excerpt -
 The question of the moment is not: Will 2008 be a turning-point  election, 
but rather can it be one? Here, everything depends not on what the old  order 
does on its own behalf, no matter how bone-headed, but on how the  gathering 
forces of opposition respond to the system's crisis. Is there a  willingness to 
build a clear, programmatic alternative inside the Democratic  Party
 Is there a readiness to mobilize around non-market solutions to the  general 
crisis: To fight openly for the re-regulation of the economy and its  planned 
re-industrialization; for its re-unionization; for redistributive  policies 
to supplant the idée fixe of economic growth; for the  dismantling of the 
petro-industrial complex and its replacement by a new,  non-fossil-fuel system of 
energy production; for a global assault on the global  sweatshop?
 Finally, there is the X factor, most unknowable of all, but also most  
critical in converting a mere election into something more transformative. Might  a 
social movement or movements emerge from outside the boundaries of  
conventional politics, catalytic enough to fundamentally alter the prevailing  
metabolism of political life? Might the mass demonstrations of immigrants  portend 
something of that kind? Might the anti-war movement soon enter a period  of more 
sustained and varied opposition in the face of this administration's  barbaric 
obtuseness? Straws in the wind as we race toward  2008.  
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