[Marxism] Lula boasts of taking tough line on Boliviapetroissues; puts off settlement till after election

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Sep 28 07:56:26 MDT 2006

Nestor wrote:
>I don't dislike analogy in political or historical analysis, not at
>all.  But analogies must be made between subjects of the same scale,
>so to say.  Just think that the city of São Paulo contains more
>people than the whole of Bolivia, that half the population of Bolivia
>enters in Rio de Janeiro, or that the Rocinha favela contains as many
>human beings as most Bolivian important towns.

Nestor, this is the same logic you used to oppose self-determination for 
East Timor. It strikes me as fundamentally in error. The national question 
should not be reducible to a functionalist development model. If an 
independent East Timor or an independent Bolivia are not capable of 
sustaining the kind of economic growth that Brazil or Russia can, that is 
no excuse for dismissing their democratic demands. We might as well have 
written off the Paris Commune on that basis.



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