[Marxism] Foggy froggies (was: Deleuze-Guattari)

Jeffrey Rubard jeffrubard at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 25 13:02:15 MDT 2006

>From an American perspective, it's easy to discount postmodernist writings as countercultural obscurantism: but I think construing these writers in terms of the foibles of US academia gives us a one-sided account of their political significance. Derrida et al. were really much greater practitioners of *Realpolitik* than their "Legal Marxist" representatives here are. They represented an attempt to formulate a social-democratic orthodoxy *against* Leninism: and in this they were reasonably successful. In other words, what appears to be mindless relativism is an intentional and meaningful association with figures beyond the Leninist pale: making theoretical common cause with Heidegger, rather than Lukacs, actually provides a fairly definite indication of one's view of how the "public sphere" should operate. One should file postmodernism with the question of whether the Democratic Party is a viable vehicle for radicals, under the subheading "left-liberal anti-communism", not
 with "tribal" tattoos.
  Jeff Rubard

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