[Marxism] Re: Pro-War Diane Feinstein, What Are The Alternatives?

Steven R. Argue steveargue2 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 24 18:07:24 MDT 2006

Since when is stating a Marxist position on a Marxist list-serve bombastic?  I see nothing pompous or pretentious in what I wrote.  I'm sorry you didn't like my work, but many people have thanked more this article.  
  Sincerely, Steven Argue
  Liberation News:
  Steven R. Argue wrote:
>   Liberation News rejects Stalin's Two-Stage Theory of 
> Revolution.  We instead hold up the banner of Trotsky's Theory of 
> Permanent Revolution.  It was through this theory that Trotsky 
> explained that the democratic and the socialist revolutions are 
> inseparably linked.

  Louis Proyect wrote
>Mr. Argue, I released this post from the moderator's queue because it 
>was more than 35,000 bytes long--our limit. If I had taken a close 
>look at the content, I would have deleted it. To make a long story 
>short, Marxmail is not the place for this kind of bombast. If you 
>want to circulate pronunciamentos, please do it elsewhere. 


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