[Marxism] "Trotsykism" [was Re: Obrador...]

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sat Sep 16 18:56:19 MDT 2006

I'd urge people who've not read Joaquín's rather long post to take the time
to do so.  It's densely packed with thoughtful insights worth careful
consideration...and I think that on the general questions, he's hit the nail
on the head.

I probably never thought of Trotskyism as anything other than the clearest
channel of revolutionary thought that took a coherent direction from
Marx...the clearest but never the only one.  Nor did these ideas originate
with Marx, who most decidedly established no "science" in exclusion of other

Although it has hardly triumphed or even taken a clearly ascendant course in
the United States, evidences of that broader resistance to the dictatorship
of market forces is everywhere.  The long resistance of native peoples
(regularly joined by blacks and whites in that maroon tradition I sometimes
get on about) should form the strong foundations of our identity.  The
militant and plebeian wing of the antislavery movement represented the
resurfacing of those resistant human values within a civilization in which
white European profit system claimed hegemony...this in direct defiance of
the stated values around which the masses made a revolution in 1776.

Our socialism merely extends that deep, mass hostility to capitalism into an
age where what that capitalism has become more clearly defined...and
generally capable of diffusing and dissolving that deep, mass hostility to
capitalism in a systematic way....

However, events over the past half century have clarified just how high the
stakes now are.  In this context, we are justified with being out of
patience with a socialism founded on a rich fantasy life that smugly prefers
doctrinal litanies to facing realities.  I only wish that we could also see
how part of this has been the obsession over magic formulae said to have
conjured the philosopher's stones somewhere else.

Mark L.

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