[Marxism] RE: Obrador throwing in the towel?

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Its sarcastic because the aforementioned quote I was responding is not a 
critique of Solidarity's work in the US towards Mexico, but a rather strange 
notion that somehow Solidarity is stopping or not helping the workers *in* 
Mexico and citing Dan as an example. Is a rather strange notion since Dan, 
of all comrades in the US, has actually being *doing* base work *in* Mexico 
thats exemplary. And somehow the notion that Solidarity is this vast 
international organization that somehow has the power to asuade the mexican 
worker towards revolutions is bizarre. I am not worried about Solidarity's 
work in Mexico, I am more for discussing w/i and outside of Solidarity the 
work that can be done *in* the US.

tierra y libertad,

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> My original post in this thread was in response to Erik T's sarcastic 
> remark about Solidarity sending people to Mexico to sell Against the 
> Current. I'm not really interested in getting into a big discussion fo 
> Solidarity -- 
> certainly not interested in attacking Solidarity. I still work with some 
> Solidarity comrades in movement work.> Set your options at: 
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