[Marxism] Re: Obrador throwing in the towel?

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sat Sep 16 08:19:21 MDT 2006

Joaquin Bustelo wrote:
> D walters writes, in response to me:
> "My god, how sad and isolated our Atlanta LEFTIST is. I suspect this is the
> view of from the Ivory Tower, I really don't know.
> "What we do is what comrade Rossi suggested, we organize here in defense of
> immigrant rights/support the immigrant rights movement, we support the
> struggle for democracy unconditionally in Mexico and *we discuss everthing*.
> But we learn by ASKING questions, analysing, critiquing, etc. Joaquin,
> clearly, AGAIN, would rather have evreyone just shut up. Sounds like an all
> to familiar kind of politics to me."
> *  *  *
> I want to tell you what "unconditional" support from American leftists means
> to me. It means a purely verbal decoration, a sentence or two, by way of
> cover for an article or speech seeking to convince Latino activists that our
> leaders are craven, cowardly and are shepherding us like lambs to the
> slaughter, unlike the righteous writers of these articles who perpetrate
> death-defying formulations from the blood-drenched battlefields of their
> air-conditioned homes.
> So here's an update from my Ivory Tower:

Joaquin seems to me to be one of the half dozen people on this list who
do _not_ speak from the ivory tower of doctrinaire Trotskyism.  In the
last year this list, for the most part, has succeeded in persuading me
that every single prejudice against Trotskyism that I ever picked up was
a concrete description of reality. Trotskyism seems to consist about 95%
in maneuvering among groups and forces that OTHER people have organized.
That habit seems to be the grounds for the endlessly empty and offensive
remarks that flow on this list about the mistakes of leaders and
organizers with whose conditions the list comrades know nothing whatever
or have any experience of their own which would give a basis for minimal
understanding of the groups and leaders they so pompously pass judgment


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