[Marxism] Re: Obrador throwing in the towel?

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Fri Sep 15 08:36:52 MDT 2006

Walter wrote:
"The struggle will continue. Exactly how and on what political themes remain to
be seen. Let's not be in a hurry to question the motives of Lopez Obrador. A
great deal has already been accomplished, and that's significant in itself."

Why not question him? One of Walter's problems is that he tends to look at the
man at top and not the men and women at the bottom who are in fact engaged in a
great historical struggle. A struggle that wouldn't exist were it not such a
grand "People's movement". One *can only hope* that the movement is not tied up
with one guy, a former bureaucrat of the PRD, and his whims and wishes, but
rather the huge movement of the masses of workers and farmers in Mexico who
want to get rid of gov't that would deny them their democratic voice.

One of the great things about this movement is that it has/was taking on a
momentum all it's own, leaving even Obrador in the dust. That most of the
mobilizations were taking place well outside the back rooms of the PRD is what
gave me such hope that this democratic revolution may well continue.

Question, criticize and discuss what people like Obrador do or don't is the only
way a movement will advance...not by always giving him, or those like him, the
benefit of the doubt.

David Walters

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