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Tue Sep 12 11:49:22 MDT 2006


This is from the Detroit Milion Worker March list.



              Comrades and Friends,

    Well, everyone seems to be avoiding talking about it, so I'll give it a
go.  I'll do it short and sweet in list form.  Not too brilliant a style,
but quicker. I put this forward to outline an approach to use to counter the
untra right and the confusion and mixed feelings of the average American :

      *   The events of 9/11 were NOT a new beginning in any genuine sense.

EVERYTHING was not differeent after 9/11.  These events were merely the
continuation of a conflict between imperial capitalist nations and the
ex-colonial, semi-colonial nations and peoples of the Middle East that had
been going on since the 1800's.

      *   WE were NOT attacked first.  The events of 9/11 (whatever you 
think of them) were in fact a fairly mild response QUANTITATIVELY, to
decades and decades of domination, oppression, exploitation, and violent
attacks upon Middle Eastern peoples by Western imperialist nations and the
servile/proxy/collaborationist regimes in the region that the imperialists
had created, placed and kept in power, and used for a long time.  WHY ?  
OIL, cheap labor, strategic/military positioning, control of scarce water
resources, and, in its time, "anti-communism" ( ie: Keeping all the wealth
in mega corporate hands and out of the hands of the people themselves).  
Israel is a key puppet regime in this regard, but so are many (if not
most)of the Arab regimes.

      *   While we can argue about whether or not the methods and tactics of

attacking innocent rank and file civilians of your enemy nation is justified
at any time ( I don't think so -- its self defeating, a provocation,
nonproductive as far as building real mass anti-imperialist forces, gives
the imperialists an excuse to carry out wars they would havce a hard time
justifying otherwise, and are just plain inhumane), the fact is that if you
add up the bodies and list the horrors down through the decades, the
imperial nations are guilty of 1000's of times more atrocities against
innocent civilians (in and out of the Mid East) than the so-called
"terrorists" could ever hope to be in their wildest dreams.

           Terrorism is terrorism, whether delivered by  napalm, "smart" 
bombs", mass carpet bombing, US trained secret police, US trained death
squads, atrocities by imperialist troops, and blitzkrieg invasions OR by
individuals carrying explosives blowing up busses and clubs, etc., and
setting up improvised explosive devices ( and who knows how many of these
incidents are actually carried out by provocateurs and even imperial troops
and intelligence agents ?).

      *   The fundamentalist fanatics in the Mid East, to the extent that 
they are dangerous reactionaries and not resistance fighters, are as strong
as they are as a direct result of the long term policies of US and other
Western imperial powers.  Such as : + Direct US arming and training of them
during the Afghan war of the 1980's against a popular and progressive
government that committed the crime of being friendly to the Soviet Union
and asking the SU for military help AFTER the US CIA sponsored movement of
these fanatics started a campaign of terror.  These US "allies" wanted to
maintain the opium trade and to keep girls from going to school, among other
wonderful attributes.  THE TALIBAN AND AL CAIDA were direct descendents of
these US alllies.  Osama Bin Laden was a good friend of the CIA in
Afghanistan and was on their payrol for years.  Most of what he learned
about irregular warfare he learned from the CIA and the special forces of
the US military.  You do the math ...  +  The regimes in the Mid East that
the US sponsored/sponsored were systematically pushed over a long time to
destroy any and all Left wing/progressive/secular democratic forces that
existed within their borders.  This left an inevitable vacuum that the
fanatic fundamentalists only were left to fill as far as any kind of
militant resistance.

      *   Saddam Hussein was placed in power through a CIA assisted coup 
aimed at the overthrow of a popular and progressive nationalist regime in
Iraq in the 1960's ( and aimed at the destruction of the Iraqi Communist
Party) that wanted to strictly nationalize oil resources and reap the
financial gains for domestic modernization and social advancement purposes.

Hussein  was given the seeds of weapons of mass destruction, when he
actually had them, by the US government to use against Iran in the horrible
1980's war between Iraq and Iran, a war pushed by the US to get even against
the Islamic revolutionary regime in Iran.  Anything reactionary (as opposed
to much that was progressive) that Hussein was and did was a direct result
of US actions and intrigues.

      *   The US helped set up the coming to power of the Irani Islamic 
republic ( however you view this regime) by, once again, staging a CIA coup
in the 1950's against a popular and elected government that had progressive
intentions for Iranian oil resources.  The coup put the Shah in power and
issued in a period of over 20 years of brutal repression during which the
Iranian Left was all but decimated and the people subjected to unspeakable
violence and police terror ( courtesy of training by the School of the
Americas in Georgia).  The fundamentalists came to power in 1979 due to a
popular uprising AND the lack of a Left or secular/progressive alternative
existing anymore.

      So, the events of September 11, 2001, were in fact the long coming
result of US, British, French, German, and other imperial power policies and
crimes going back over a hundred years, especially since the end of WW I.  
They brought it on themselves -- or rather, they brought it on 3000 hapless
civilians who paid for the sins of the rulers.

      I don't personally find such actions against civilians to be justified
or valuable or productive as far as building the kind of
anti-imperialist/anti-capitalist forces that I want to see.  And they are
just wrong.  Dramatic, adventurous, violent actions like this have a long
history of making it harder to build real movements, and  they give the
ruling class an open excuse to whip up war hysteria and set up police state
machinery.  Conspiracies like this by small, tight groups are a product of
petty bourgeois and bourgeois consciousness that is against socialism and
that show a lack of trust in the idea of building mass movements and
carrying out progressive revolutionary change from below.

      But, given the history of imperialist oppression in the world, one can
understand the hatred that such people feel.  None of it will be changed
progressively by the imperial rulers.  No one will be brought over to
progressive democratic ideas by the imperialists. They will only, can only,
continue to create more monsters and wreak more havoc for us all.


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