[Marxism] Re: Dennis Perrin on 9/11 conspiracy theories

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The scientists and engineers who have lent their good names to this
"movement" are no different than those who are "skeptical" about a
retrovirus being the cause of AIDS, or greenhouse gases not being
responsible for global warming. 

* * *

Not buying into your assumption, the question of the cause of AIDS and
the effects of greenhouse gases on the biosphere are empirical
questions, the latter of which I am in fact very interested in and have
actually written scientific peer-reviewed articles and chapters on, some
in collaboration with a hydrologist.  But what you are saying is that
rather than debate those who make claims contrary to the consensus view
on global warming, we should simply argue that they are no different
from those who are "skeptical" about the cause of the collapse of WTC-7?
That's an odd argument, seeing how the groups mentioned have nothing in
common with each other.

(I didn't first use Dennis Perrin's name in the subject line, by the
way.  I think Louis did.)

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