[Marxism] Marxism and Conspiracy

Intense Red intnsred at golgotha.net
Sat Sep 9 17:28:26 MDT 2006

 > This hypothesis would be based on the combination of a NYC
 > real estate magnate, a cabal within the US government, Arab CIA
 > agents pretending to be jihadists carrying out a mission to whip the
 > US population into a war fever against the brethren in clear
 > violation of *political logic* and *history*.

   There are many permeations of what *could* have happened.  The US could 
have arguably knew about the attacks in advance and decided to let them 
happen and to ensure that the towers came down.  One could go bonkers working 
out all the possible ways 9/11 could happen.

   Let's look at things we do know about and that have to be remembered while 
debating/analyzing 9/11.

* Remember, the events of "9/11" were in two phases: 9/11 itself and the 
month-long anthrax attacks.

* We do know that "a cabal" exists in the US gov't/intelligence circles.  Bill 
Moyers called this the "Secret Government".  I think we'd be naive to assume 
this evaporated since Moyers documented it in the 80s.

* We also know that the neo-cons' PNAC openly wrote about a series of 
campaigns to seize the Mid East/Central Asian oil supplies and that a "new 
Pearl Harbor" was needed to persuade the American people to go along.

*  We know that the anthrax attacks are what really terrorized the public and 
that the anthrax used was of US military origin.  Was the fact that some of 
the targets were Senators opposed to the Patriot act just a coincidence?  
Should the anthrax attacks be connected to 9/11?

   Like all good conspiracies, we have precious little hard evidence.  But 
circumstantial evidence abounds.  Count me in on what Time magazine says are 
the 1/3+ of Americans who believe that there was US gov't complicity.

"It takes a village to raise a billionaire. Every worker and taxpayer deserves 
some credit for Forbes 400 wealth. Yet, while the Forbes 400 richest 
Americans are doing better this year (their collective wealth rose $45 
billion since 2003), median household income fell for the fourth year in a 
row last year." -- Mike Lapham.

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