[Marxism] Brazil s Lula still ahead in Polls

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Sep 9 11:02:03 MDT 2006

Walter wrote:
>I'm not aware of any strikes which the Brazilian government has
>broken. Racism remains in force, as it always has. Little seems to
>have changed except on a cultural level. It's remarkable, then, in
>the light of so little which has changed, why all the polls seem to
>confirm Lula's popularity. It's not dissimilar from South Africa in
>that respect.

Walter, are Marxists not to take positions that run counter to those 
expressed in a poll? By this logic, we should have supported Bill 
Clinton. We are content here to remain in a minority. If people like 
Walter feel compelled to back Thabo Mbeki or Lula because they are 
supported by a majority, that's their business. Of course, it has 
absolutely nothing to do with the Marxist project which often 
involves swimming against the stream. It is too bad that when Walter 
decided to reject the ultraleft sectarianism of the Trotskyist 
movement he went full-tilt into a kind of crypto-Stalinism of the 
sort found in the "Friendship Committees" of the 1960s. At least 
those committees did their free PR work for postcapitalist societies. 
Why you would want to serve a one-man fan club for Lula or Thabo 
Mbeki, presidents of bourgeois governments favoring the rich, is a 
mystery to me.

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