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Fri Sep 8 19:47:09 MDT 2006

 > Please read-Day of Deceit by Robert B Stinnet-Free Press 2000

   This book has the ability to really strike at the heart of many American 
myths.  Much of the mythology of the US' "good power" morality which fed into 
the entire post-WWII Cold War myths are wrapped up in the "goodness" of WWII 
and our "innocent" entry into the war.

   Stinnet's research is a blessing.  Though the book isn't the most "flowing" 
or literary read, many will be surprised to learn that allegations of 
mischief about the Pearl Harbor attack date back to 1941.  Add to that 
revelations like Washington ordering the Pacific Fleet back to port and 
banning it from precisely the area where the Japanese attacked from will be 
amazing to most readers.

   The "Good War" mythology needs to be popped.  Sure, defeating German and 
Japanese militarism was a blessing for the world, but Stinnet's research will 
help many to realize that one form of militarism was just replaced by 

 In solidarity.

"The important thing is not to stop questioning." -- Albert Einstein

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