[Marxism] Pearl Harbor (was: Cockburn on 9/11 conspiracy nuts

Lou Paulsen loupaulsen at sbcglobal.net
Thu Sep 7 17:42:58 MDT 2006

--- Intense Red <intnsred at golgotha.net> wrote:
> Since you mentioned Pearl Harbor, let's expand this a bit.  The
> "official 
> story" of Pearl Harbor is now being called into question in a serious
> way.
> An increasing amount of historians maintain that FDR knew in
> advance of the 
> Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  ...

I don't think it's "increasing".  This idea has been around for a
while, as Cockburn points out in the article posted by Levich. 
Personally, I'm not entirely convinced; I think the case made by Gannon
in "Pearl Harbor Betrayed" (that the Navy were denied intelligence
information mainly by incompetence) is adequate.  But reasonable people
can, I suppose, argue, as Stinnett does, that FDR had FOREKNOWLEDGE of
the Pearl Harbor attack.  (With room for debate about how much
foreknowledge and how much he thought was really at risk.)  But could
reasonable people argue that FDR HAD EXPLOSIVES PLACED IN THE ARIZONA
AND BLEW IT UP????  That is the kind of "conspiracy" that I find just
way beyond credibility in both the Pearl Harbor case and the WTC case.


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