[Marxism] Cockburn on 9/11 conspiracy nuts

Intense Red intnsred at golgotha.net
Thu Sep 7 17:24:24 MDT 2006

 > The official story was that Pearl Harbor was a raid by Japanese planes, not
 > a hoax conducted by US volunteers in copies of Japanese planes, and I
 > suppose I believe that official story as well.

   Since you mentioned Pearl Harbor, let's expand this a bit.  The "official 
story" of Pearl Harbor is now being called into question in a serious way.

   An increasing amount of historians maintain that FDR knew in advance of the 
Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

   Some agree with the views of the book "Day of Deceit" which state that FDR 
had a deliberate policy to provoke Japan into attacking the US so that the US 
could enter the war in a united way.  The book supports the policy theory 
with Navy documents and firsthand testimony that the US was breaking the 
Japanese naval code before Pearl Harbor.

   In either scenario, isn't that on the same scale as 9/11?  When one 
considers that, along with other proposals by the US military to murder 
Americans (e.g. Operation Northwoods), should we not consider that US gov't 
complicity in 9/11 is a distinct *possibility*?

   Or are we to think that such things will just never happen in the USA?

   This obviously isn't to say that there was complicity; but to ignore any 
possibility on the "idea" that this isn't how the US ruling class works is a 
huge -- and unwise -- leap of faith.

"We know from a detainee that -- the head of training for al-Qaeda -- that 
they sought help in developing chemical and biological weapons because they 
weren't doing very well on their own.  They sought it in Iraq.  They received 
the help." -- Condolezza Rice, lying to the American people about a link 
between al-Qaeda and Iraq on CBS' Face the Nation on Mar. 9, 2003.

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