[Marxism] Cockburn on 9/11 conspiracy nuts

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Thu Sep 7 16:35:17 MDT 2006

The willingness of reasonably sophisticated and knowledgeable people,
even people with some understanding of Marx's critique of political
economy, should nevertheless for even a second consider such supreme
idiocy as the 9/11 conspiracy theories is a phenomenon that needs to be
explored in its own right. Like many superstitions under capitalism the
ultimate roots are probably in the unending confusions generated by
commodity fetishism. In a world in which all human relations are
mediated through _things_ . . . .

I'm not sure where to go from there, but I do think exploring the bases
in social relations of various superstitions, including conspiracism,
would be more useful than trying to combat opinions which are
self-confirming an immune to rebuttal.

On a literary listserv a few months ago we got into an interesting
debate over how the invisible green frog which sits in each person's
living room and created the universe could be green if it was invisible.
We reached no satisfactory conclusion.


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