[Marxism] Cockburn on 9/11 conspiracy nuts

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Thu Sep 7 16:15:37 MDT 2006

You don't prove anything by asserting it and then saying it hasn't been

Maybe it was just a coincidence that September 11 was the day for the
government's transporting Roswell aliens who were in Boston.  Doesn't it
make sense that human food doesn't settle well with them?  Especially not
airline food?

So they get sick and all their tentacles pop out of their human costumes.
It just makes sense, doesn't it?

Almost immediately, one of the very many persons on those planes broke the
rule against cell phones and called a friend.  Logically, the largest
concentration of people in the area was NYC and it would make perfect sense
statistically that the friend would have been an office worker.  And the
odds would place that office worker in the WTC, one of the largest
concentrations of office workers in the city.

Realizing that the cat would be out of the bag entirely, if it didn't act
quickly, the government flipped its standard remote control switch for those
planes and flew them into the secretarial pools of both towers. What?  You
don't think they want to keep secrets?

Not only can't any of this been disproved, but I was told by a friend that
he heard the story directly from Elvis himself.


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