[Marxism] Cockburn on 9/11 conspiracy nuts

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Thu Sep 7 15:40:34 MDT 2006

David P.

Okay, let's suppose there WAS a conspiracy. Is revealing the
conspiracy really going to help the class struggle?

CB: A main front in the class struggle right now is stopping imperialist war
on Iraq and Afghanistan, averting one on Iran. If it were demonstrated to a
lot of Americans that the U.S. version of the events is critically false, it
might make a giant step toward stopping those wars. 

By the way, Cockburn's only discussing the most extreme ("nuttiest") case of
the U.S. planning the whole thing or no planes involved as opposed U.S.
spies finding out about an "al Q" plot in advance, but not stopping it ( a
completely non-nutty theory) is dirty pool here.

What interests me is, what about our society makes conspiracy theories
- especially those ones which are obviously false - objectively
necessary in this day and age. What is it about the structure of the
individual psyche, that causes them to gravitate to conspiracy
theories in order to make sense of their lives and the world?

CB: Well, gee, _wasn't_ there in fact a conspiracy among Bush, Powell et al.
to lie about Iraq having W'sMD ? Just as one example. Could it be that
people turn to conspiracy theories because they notice quite a few actual
conspiracies, lies, coverups going on in the state all the time ? Isn't the
history of the American state and all the states of the world saturated with
actual conspiracies, plots, assasinations  ?  Are anti-Stalinists conspiracy
theorists, suffering from the structure of their psyches ?

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