[Marxism] Re: Ethnic cleansing in 19th century Texas

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Sun Sep 3 10:38:27 MDT 2006

Since visiting the Alamo Museum in San Antonio about 5 years ago, I've meant to
take up a serious reading of the 1836-1988 period in Texas, MX.

I was suprised by the text of the the exhibits at the Museum. It appeared,
impressionistically, to represent the history of Texas as seen through the eyes
of a conservative who wanted Texas to look "liberal".

What was emphisized was that Houston identified and sort support, received
support, among the Tejanos, swore loyalty to Mexico when he emigrated there,
sat in the Mexican Congress as representative of Texas, and, like versions of
US history that potrayed the American Revolution as one of seeking justice
within the parameters of the British crown, Houston was seen as a George
Washington/Thomas Paine of Texas.

What was not mentioned was that Houston owned slaves and was an active political
opponent of Abolitionism, albeit he remained, technically, loyal to the US when
the Civil War occurred, which forced him from the governship.


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