[Marxism] Re: What do _I_ mean by Fascism here?,

hari.kumar at sympatico.ca hari.kumar at sympatico.ca
Sun Sep 3 10:25:28 MDT 2006

"Joaquin Bustelo" <jbustelo at bellsouth.net>
wrote - in reposne to David W:
" There was a sort of left-Stalinist or class-collaborationist argument that if the government was "fascist," then it was OK to create a "strategic alliance" with (in other words, subordinate yourself to) "democratic" bourgeois forces, more often than not imperialist sock-puppets.... Usually behind the fascist label there was an agenda of making "democracy" rather than the fight against imperialism your political axis, with all the consequences that flowed therefrom."

I am curious to understand if you are saying that making alliances for 'democracy' versus 'fascist' reprsentatives - is an inappropriate strategy?

Hari Kumar

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