[Marxism] Government answers 9/11 conspiracy theories

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sat Sep 2 10:01:43 MDT 2006

We know that the official story involves covering up a lot....

1. The entire body of policies that created the situation in which the 9-11
attacks took place.

2. The deregulation mania after Reagan's election introduced in the Reagan
and Bush Sr. administrations (and not reversed by Clinton) placed airport
security in the hands of companies who were going to do it on the cheap
under government supervision that was hardly watchful.

3. The creation of a major security problem in Boston and other major
airports by the government unwillingness to enforce the rules left after its

None of these are emphasized--and often not even acknowledged--in the
official accounts.  These are the points that need to be hammered home.

That said, I think the government and its allies seeds some of the craziest
and most easily discredited ideas among those prone to suspect conspiracies
with little or no evidence.

Mark L.

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