[Marxism] Re: U.S. government spying on supporters of Cuba

Brian Shannon brian_shannon at verizon.net
Thu Mar 30 16:45:09 MST 2006

> Now there's a new development -- it has been revealed that the  
> government
> had planted a bug in their bedroom (!), and wiretapped their  
> phones, for
> years (!). Were they plotting terrorist attacks? Stealing military  
> secrets?
> Not even close. "The couple...are suspected of reporting on the exile
> community and its leaders to Cuban leader Fidel Castro's  
> government." Not
> reporting on classified government activity. Not reporting on U.S.  
> military
> secrets. Reporting on the actions of private citizens (or, more  
> accurately,
> allegedly reporting on).
> More details and links here:
> http://lefti.blogspot.com/ 
> 2006_03_01_lefti_archive.html#114369484773442487
> Walter...fumigate your bedroom!

Of course.

Which is why a couple of years ago, I urged, and others agreed, that  
personal anger implying violence should not be posted.

And it is why in the SWP in 1978 when Barbara Mutnick said that we  
could now openly proclaim our membership in the SWP within unions and  
that there would be no problem because we had won the COINTELPRO  
suit, I sat—not openmouthed but in astonishment—waiting for another  
to respond. When there wasn't any, I continued my turtle act.

And it is why the SWP had a policy of expulsion for anyone who used  
marijuana or other drugs. We didn't know then about COINTELPRO, but  
we were not fools.

And it is why I, as the local organizer of the YSA in Berkeley, had  
to take measures that forced Lenny Glaser (now Lenni Brenner), a  
strong defender (advocate?) of freedom for marijuana use, out of the  
YSA when he insisted (against a directive from the local executive  
committee) on challenging California State Attorney General Stanley  
Mosk to a street-corner debate on the legalization of marijuana.

Etc., etc.

Brian Shannon

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