[Marxism] Morales reaffirms refusal to sign US's Free Trade Areadeal

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Sounds about right, given the proximity of Sucumbios and Orellana to the
Putumayo region of Colombia, the area of greatest potential for new oil
reserves; the area where the FARC has taken refuge.   Sort of the point
of  "The Importance of Being Ecuador."  Not to jump ahead, but to jump
ahead-- US foments "Balkanization" of Ecuador, Bolivia, as part of Plan
Colombia, The New Old New Granada.  Or.... in modern terms-- Gated (Oil)
Communities with Ted Bundys as the gatekeepers.

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> Personally, I think we should view Ecuador as a potential spot for US
> and Colombian intervention.  There have been several incidents lately
> protests against Colombian military violations of Ecuadoran borders. I
> think the Colombian paramilitary-rightist government would be pretty
> alarmed to find another border occupied by a government attempting a
> process of progressive social change. And the US has troops in
> and can always claim that they are being endangered in their vital
> anti-drug work.
> Ecuador could be where the shit REALLY hits the fan in Latin America.
> Fred Feldman

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