[Marxism] Engels did write technical articles in English militaryjournals.

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Mon Mar 6 09:17:51 MST 2006

Mark L. 
Charles, if you want to call articles on volunteers for volunteers
"technical articles" about military affairs, it's as accurate as other
labels you've applied to things.

Absolutely none of this is anything like as big a mystery as you make it out
to be.  

CB: The articles are not "for" volunteers. They are _about_ the volunteer
movement. Guess I'll have to go get the Collected Works Volume. It is a
technical article. 

I'm not making it out to be a mystery. It is not a mystery. It is straight
forward that Engels was a well-published and internationally recognized
expert in military science in his day. You are the one mystifying things by
denying this.

And Weydemeyer is turning out to be almost the Third Marxist. He was right
there with Marx and Engels almost from the beginning in 1842. He's a Left
Young Hegelian. When Marx and Engels were exiled from Germany, Weydemeyer
was their man still in Germany carrying on the partyline there. 

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