[Marxism] Stalin's nation definition and U.S. Blacks (was: Correction on...)

thomas muntzer immune_from_demoralization at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 6 00:21:52 MST 2006

You make a lot of good points.  How do they relate to
the fact that blacks and latinos are going to be at
the forefront of the coming *class* struggles in the
U.S. that are necessarily going to involve a lot of
white workers?
Isn't this a contradiction or a peculiarity of the
U.S. situation - oppressed nationalities playing a
leading role in struggles that will draw in workers of
the oppressor nationality?  We need to theorize how
this will work.

Why don't you respond to Wayne's repeated question
about how does your position take shape in the real
world in what you advocate for your organization,
Solidarity?  In the end that's the most important
question and the only way to make your position more
than an academic argument.

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