[Marxism] Joseph Weydemeyer and the Roswell Crash

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Thu Mar 2 12:56:22 MST 2006

It has now reached the point of being simply funny.

Charles brought in a horse with a paper towel roll taped to its head,
called it unicorn, beat it to death, propped it up with bullshit, beat
it to the ground again, keeps propping it up with more bullshit, and
continues turning it into a dog's breakfast...all the while saying, "it
looks just like a mushed up unicorn to me." 

In a single email, Charles wrote that the Communist Clubs that existed
in American cities before the Civil War were "significantly following
the Marx/Engels party line."  (What "party line"?  What "party"?  What

Because Engels wrote journalistic articles on the subject, he "was an
internationally recognized expert writer on military science."  (Which
makes me one, too, I suppose, though they're not beating a path to my
door for advice.)

Charles then suggests that, because "American" was in the title of the
one of the publications, "this might be a way that Engels would be known
to American military officials as a military expert from before the
war." (Yes, U.S. military and civil authorities didn't read detailed
English or foreign stuff on tactics, drill, etc.  They read
encyclopedias with "American" in the title.)

He then suggests, "the Anaconda-surrounding plan was a bluff to coverup
what the real Union plan was. In other words, the Union leaders had plan
to cut the South 'in half' all along, and put out the other plan as a
diversion."  (In other words, the Anaconda plan was a bluff to coverup
the Anaconda plan.  Well, it must have fooled somebody.)

Switching subjects like a wet badger on LSD, Charles then turns to
Weydemeyer, who says "led the victorious campaign against Confederate
guerillas in Missouri."  (No such campaign ever made it into
contemporary newspapers, the official records, or the many shelf-feet of
books on the Civil War in Missouri.)

I have repeatedly underscored the ABSOLUTE LACK OF SOURCES FOR THIS

I have also expressed my disgust at the fact that Charles has chosen
flagrantly to ignore: (1) what's scholars (including many Marxists) have
spent years and decades documenting and made well known); and, (2) the
fact that there isn't one dog dropping of evidence for his wild

However, Charles does address the second point by noting that "missives
on military issues during a war _are_ likely to be secretive and lost to

We hear such arguments a lot today.  There is no evidence for Weapons of
Mass Destruction in Iraq, but governments tend to be secretive so the
evidence gets lost, right?  So, also, there's no evidence for the
Roswell crash... the long-standing membership of Bigfoot in the
Communist Club of East Lansing.... alien pod people (how else can we
explain some parts of the Left)...  This is secretive stuff, so the
evidence is lost to posterity.

Comrade Charles, will you please bury that poor dead horse and stop
beating it.

Mark L.

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