[Marxism] De-escalation and suspensions

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Sat Feb 18 23:08:38 MST 2006

Dear all (and I mean _all_)


As to my menaces of physical aggression against Rrubinelli, they 
involved such a long distance fligth that nobody could take them 

"Ultra-left" is a _technical_ word, meaning "to the left of what the 
writer considers a sensible left".

My characterization of such a tendency arises from an _objective_, an 
observable and _not slanderous_ tendency of those supporting the 
positions I define as such to side with the worst enemies of their 
own interests and goals.  Pointing out such coincidences cannot be 
considered slander, IMHO.

If we are agreed upon the points above, then it must be admitted that 
it is quite a long time since I de-escalated my own prose here.  In 
fact, the whole thing began when I discovered RR a fellow rail-fan of 
mine.  And a man who kept railroads running!


But, calling people Beria is a very different thing.

I guess there is no need to explain where does the difference lay.

That is why I informed that _this_ particular treatment (and not that 
of "national salvationist", etc., which I simply consider mistaken) I 
will not suffer.


As to Fred Feldman's suspension, I believe that if someone deserves 
abything like that is yours truly, not him, since my short piece of 
info triggered such a mess.  But since I know that being the 
moderator of so vibrant a list as Marxmail is far from an easy thing, 
I lay the claim at nobody's door.  I simply state that I would like 
to see Fred on the list again.

Este correo lo ha enviado
Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
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