[Marxism] Threats of new imperialist war

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Fri Dec 22 11:11:40 MST 2006

The Independent, December 22, 2006

Somali Islamists say they are 'at war' with Ethiopia
By Steve Bloomfield, Africa Correspondent
Published: 22 December 2006

Somalia is "at war" with its neighbour, Ethiopia, according to the leader 
of Somalia's Union of Islamic Courts (UIC). As heavy fighting between 
Ethiopian-backed Somali troops and the UIC continued for a third day, 
efforts by European diplomats to broker a last-minute peace deal appeared 
to have failed. There are now growing fears the rising conflict could soon 
spread throughout the Horn of Africa.

Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, leader of the UIC, which controls the capital, 
Mogadishu, as well as most of southern and central Somalia, urged all 
Somalis to fight alongside his troops "against Ethiopia". Military experts 
believe at least 8,000 Ethiopian troops are in Somalia supporting the weak 
interim government based in Baidoa, some 130 miles west of Mogadishu. 
Ethiopia claims to have sent just a few hundred "military trainers" into 

Senior American officials based in the region say they have told Ethiopia 
to "stay out" of Somalia but analysts and European diplomats believe the US 
has given Ethiopia tacit approval for its invasion.



Blair backs no-fly zone over Darfur

By Guy Dinmore in Washington

Published: December 12 2006 22:09 | Last updated: December 13 2006 01:34

Tony Blair has backed imposing a no-fly zone over Sudan's Darfur region, 
calling for "tougher action" if the government in Khartoum does not halt 
violence there and allow in a UN-led peacekeeping force.

The Bush administration is also working on other military options should 
the crisis continue to deteriorate, including air strikes and a naval 
blockade, US officials said.

Mr Blair declared his support for a no-fly zone for the first time during 
his visit last week to Washington. He told President George W.Bush that 
they had to deal with Omar al-Bashir, the Sudanese president, in the next 
two to three months.

"If rapid progress is not made, we will need to consider alternative 
approaches, with international partners," Mr Blair warned on returning to 

Planning has moved ahead, according to one official, who added: "The 
Americans mean business."




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