[Marxism] As Nepal Shakes Up Ancient Order, All Is Up in the Air

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New York Times
December 17, 2006
Katmandu Memo

As Nepal Shakes Up Ancient Order, All Is Up in the Air


KATMANDU, Nepal  — In a country that many outsiders might regard as
ancient and unchanging, history is moving very quickly.

There is a new Constitution and a new national anthem. Citizenship
rights have been conferred on millions of formerly disenfranchised

The very ground rules of nationhood are being rewritten here. In a
sense, the Nepalese are making themselves into citizens of a nation
rather than subjects of a king. In fact, the monarchy itself is an
open question: a special assembly is to be elected next year to decide
whether Nepal needs a king at all.

It is difficult to overstate how radically and quickly the ground is
shifting in Nepal since King Gyanendra gave up his absolute rule in
April and returned the government to an elected Parliament that was
dismissed four years ago. Since then, government leaders and Maoist
insurgents have been engaged in negotiations to end a decade-long
civil war. The guns are quiet, but have not been put away. The rebels
are slated to soon join the government. [...]

Full: <http://www.nytimes.com/2006/12/17/world/asia/17nepal.html?ref=world>

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