[Marxism] Re: Fascist intellectuals?

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Tue Aug 29 10:15:32 MDT 2006

Charles Brown wrote: < As far as class and cultural leaders, the Crown Prince 
of England, and Henry Ford were Hitler and Nazi fans. Ford had a picture 
of Hitler on his office wall, sent money to the Nazi Party, published the 
alleged-fake Protocols of the Elders of Zion in the Dearborn , Michigan 
newspaper. I say old chaps : the guy who was to be King of England was a 
Nazi fan. >

Yes, he was. A pal of mine when young overheard his father and uncle, both 
very high-ranking officers in the British army, saying that if Britain had 
been invaded during the war, he -- meaning the ex-King Edward VIII, then 
in exile in the West Indies -- would have been shot. The ex-Edward VIII 
was widely expected to have become a puppet ruler had there been a Nazi 
regime set up in Britain.

One of the interesting things about fascism in Britain today is that although there 
are the usual numbers of would-be führers doing the usual, there is nobody 
who could be considered an intellectual amongst them, and hasn't been for 
quite some time, unlike the 1930s when some people with undoubted intellectual 
ability sided openly with fascism.

When one looks at France (I'm just finishing Sternhell's Neither Left Nor 
Right), it is striking that it is -- as far as I can tell -- the only country 
in Western Europe in which authoritarian right-wing and fascist movements 
have actually attained considerable popularity since 1945. Poujade and Le 
Pen are leaders of each type respectively. Gaullism also had a rather thuggish 
image in its early days, quite different to mainstream right-wing parties 
in other Western European states.

Sternhell points to the numbers of syndicalists who, in the early twentieth century, 
shifted from the left to the far right, either before or during the First 
World War. However, he doesn't say what he means by syndicalism. Does anyone 
have a good definition of what syndicalism meant in France?

Paul F

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