[Marxism] Is the ruling class getting sick of Bush? And what if they are?

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 24 07:55:57 MDT 2006

LouPa asks: "What happens if the ruling class really decides that Bush has 
lost too much credibility to do the job any more?  But that the job still 
needs to be
done?  But that they really can't stand two and a half more years of Bush?
Hmm?  Note for those outside the US: unlike with the parliamentary system,
there is no "normal" way to get Bush out of office before January 2009.  The
non-normal ways follow: he could be impeached (which normally would require
a showing of criminal wrongdoing); he could resign; if he is sick, injured,
or unable to fulfill his duties, in his own judgment or in the Cabinet's, he
can be temporarily replaced by Cheney; or he can die."

The fact is that resignation is not only "normal," but precedented, and 
within recent memory too, both for a Vice-President and a President.

On my blog, I've been pushing a "Resign. Now." meme for a year now, starting 
with this post (and with many posts subsequently):

Democrats want to talk about 2008. Many on the left talk, quite rightly, 
about impeachment, which is certainly completely justified. But today, with 
dead bodies floating in the flooded streets of New Orleans, it is clear that 
there is only one solution to our great national problem - George Bush and 
the still (!)-vacationing Dick Cheney should resign. Today. I don't even 
know who would become President if they did, nor do I care. If we want to 
save lives which are being lost every day in Iraq and Afghanistan, if we 
want to save lives which are being lost every day in New Orleans, there is 
only one solution - RESIGN NOW!

Does this mean I think George Bush is personally responsible for all these 
problems? No. The invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, the criminal neglect of 
New Orleans and of FEMA, and countless other things I could mention, these 
are all the responsibility of the entire ruling class of the United States, 
Republicans and Democrats alike. But in order to turn that around, the 
people have to reassert their power. And forcing George Bush from power 
would be a heck of a good first step on that road. And so I call for the cry 
to go out, every place Bush appears, every place Cheney appears (not many of 
those!), every place Rumsfeld appears, every place Rice appears, every place 
any of them appear - RESIGN NOW!

George Bush, thanks to the Hamdan decision, is a not-yet convicted felon. He 
is also a war criminal thanks to his actions in Afghanistan and Iraq. While 
I doubt the ruling class will jump on the latter, since it so clearly 
implicates all of them, on the basis of the former and many other things, it 
would be entirely possible for the New York Times, Washington Post, etc. to 
start demanding that George Bush resign "for the good of the country." 
Personally, I expected (wrongly, clearly) that they would do the same (throw 
Bush overboard) in the 2004 election, recognizing that Kerry would have been 
a better manager of ruling class affairs than Bush. It would have been 
easier for them to do so then, but it's hardly ruled out that they could do 
so now, even absent a Presidential election.

Eli Stephens
  Left I on the News

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