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This is one of those few really important races taking place.  We might
well have some shot at winning.  And, if we would do so, it would be a
real boost to those within the Green party interested in independent
political action, which also tends to be those most eager to take up
questions of class and race.

Mark L.

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A few months ago, I had the honor of talking with Elaine Brown, Green 
Party member and candidate for Mayor of Brunswick, Georgia.  Ms. Brown 
is best known as the former leader of the Black Panther Party and has a 
very good chance this November to become both the first black and the 
first woman mayor of Brunswick.  A city of 16,000, and a largely black 
city, Brunswick's current mayor proudly proclaims the fact that he's a 
Lieutenant Commander in the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  He's so proud

of his leadership role in this racist organization that his credentials 
are included in his official bio on the City of Brunswixk website -- 

Ms. Brown formally announced her candidacy in the nonpartisan race on 
May 19 -- Malcolm X's birthday -- in Brunswick. Ms. Brown ran twice for 
public office as a member of the Black Panther Party; a brief bio of Ms.

Brown is appended below.

Announcing her candidacy, Brown said, "I'm trying to win this seat to 
create a base of economic power for Brunswick's majority black and poor 
population through redistribution of the massive revenues of the city's 
powerful port...At the top of my agenda is economic and political power 
for the black residents of Brunswick, and forestalling a development 
plan that would displace Brunswick's black population," added Ms. Brown,

who is profiled in the May 2005 issue of: 35th of Essence magazine.

With your help, Elaine can be the next Mayor f Brunswick.  Check out 
www.elainebrown.org and please consider donating to her campaign by 
sending a check to  

"Friends of Elaine Brown"
2802 Altama Avenue
Brunswick, Georgia, 31520

Brown's election  will send shockwaves of hope and inspiration through 
the country, and put a woman of uncompromising principle in power.

There's just a few weeks left until election day; let's get Elaine

Jason West
New Paltz, New York


*ELAINE BROWN: A Brief Biography*

    * Elaine Brown is a former leading member of the Black Panther Party
      and author of A Taste of Power and The Condemnation of Little B.

    * A Taste of Power, Brown's memoir, is slated for film production by
      Suzanne de Passe, Emmy-award winning president of de Passe

    * In 1996, after living six years in France, Brown moved to Atlanta,
      Georgia, where she established the nonprofit education corporation
      Fields of Flowers to build a comprehensive model education center
      for black and other poor children.

    * Brown is Executive Director of the Michael Lewis Legal Defense
      Committee, organized to support the legal appeal of Lewis ("Little
      B"), who, arrested at the age of 13 for a murder he did not
      commit, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison (1997).

    * Brown is a co-founder and Board member of the National Alliance
      for Radical Prison Reform, an organization primarily composed of
      former prisoners and family members and friends of prisoners, the
      goals of which are to repeal the harsh criminal laws of the U.S.,
      advocate for human rights for prisoners, and provide re-entry
      programs for former prisoners.

    * In addition, Brown is a member of the Geechee Council of Georgia;
      the Brunswick NAACP; Vice President of The Dr. Huey P. Newton
      Foundation; and a partner in Seize the Time, Inc.

    * Brown lectures at colleges and universities throughout the country
      on New Age Racism and realization of the vision of eliminating
      racism, gender oppression and class disparity toward an inclusive
      and egalitarian world society.

    * Brown, a fluent French speaker, has traveled extensively
      throughout the world, both on behalf of the Black Panther Party
      and independently, from China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Algeria
      to France, Italy, Russia, Argentina, Uruguay, and elsewhere.

    * Brown, who studied classical piano for years and recorded two
      albums of her original songs, one for Motown records, has attended
      Temple University, UCLA, Mills College, and Southwestern
      University School of Law.

    * The mother of one adult daughter, Brown grew up in the ghettos of
      North Philadelphia. Brown's papers have been acquired by Emory

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