[Marxism] Adolf Reed/Feldman

Peter McLaren mclaren at gseis.ucla.edu
Sun Sep 18 10:19:46 MDT 2005

Fred Feldman makes some excellent points about the folly of talking about
class across racial lines. On the one hand, the mainstream multiculturalist
left (in schools of education, at least) often champion anti-racism but do
so as pro-capitalists. So Reed's work is very useful here. On the other
hand, in their attempt to critique the much-vaunted race-class-gender
triptych (found in the ³intersectionality thesis² that maintains that race,
class and gender mutually inform each other) some Marxist multiculturalists
reduce race to class, as a modality in which class is lived, and in doing so
quickly leave race out of the equation. I think it's important not to
forfeit the  'centrality of ... race/national issues in the name of
supposedly color-blind class consciousness', as Feldman instructs us, while
at the same time remembering that gender, sexuality and race become social
differences and therefore arenas of struggle in the crucible of the social
division of labor.  And while class exploitation constitutes in a major way
the material armature of racism, to counterpose race to class is misleading.
Good points, Fred!

Peter McLaren 

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