[Marxism] Panel sends unendorsed Bolton to Senate. Voinovich to vote "no"

Intense Red intnsred at socialismonline.us
Thu May 12 14:54:38 MDT 2005

   You know, this can be seen as a good thing.  Bolton will no doubt be 
confirmed.  I think all the effort that went into opposing Bolton was 
misspent hot air.

   The bottom line is, the policies won't change no matter who Bush appoints.

   What would we rather have at the UN, a slick, smooth talking diplomat who 
will advocate Bush's policies with some semblance of skill and coherency?  Or 
would we rather see Bolton, an obnoxious and well-known thug who will act 
like a bull in a China shop and alienate many?

   The policies won't change.  Given that, I think I prefer the latter.  It 
will more quickly add to the revulsion that much of the rest of the world 
feels towards the Bush regime.

   As an aside, it is surprisingly nice to see Voinovich voting against 
Bolton.  Dissention -- or a simple acknowledgement of reality -- among 
Republican ranks is to be cheered.


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