[Marxism] Waiting for Upsurges (re: reply to Joaquin)

acpollack2 at juno.com acpollack2 at juno.com
Sun May 1 12:16:06 MDT 2005

A few miscellaneous points:
* Todd says "the police were called on" ISO paper sellers. Who called them?
* Jim's baiting, where he angrily challenges paper sellers to operate in a milieu where, he seems to be saying, you could get your throat cut for looking at someone the wrong way, says less about the issue than about the propensity of his (perhaps fictional) colleagues to act like the Panthers at their most thuggish.
* I think the key to this issue is Stan's encouragement to the ISOers to THINK about when, where and how to sell - but to be prohibited from doing so anywhere is out of line. To take the selling at work example: on the one hand I wouldn't sell The Militant to coworkers on the picket line during the 1983 Ohio Bell strike unless they already knew me (one of two charges in my trumped-up explusion); on the other hand, Labor Notes' blanket exclusion of commie lit tables has always struck me as within their rights at a conference (you could still sell outside) but also reflective of their inability (or unwillingness) to find a way for rank-and-filers to come to socialist ideas.
* Finally, while I've missed some posts from being on vacation (stored but not read), has anyone in all this or in related threads raised the USLAW statement urging unity between the wings of the antiwar movement? With today's dueling rallies in NYC this seems far more important.

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