[Marxism] Cuban Foreign Ministry upholds Ecuador sovereignty against US-OAS; accepts legitamacy of Gutierrez ouster

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[Several items on the Ecuadoran political crisis and Cuba's call for
a sovereign solution without external interference.]

Agencia Cubana de Noticias (AIN)

Cuba Supports Ecuadoran Sovereignty

Havana, April 26 (AIN) The current political crisis in Ecuador shows
serious economic and social problems cannot be solved with the
economic model the US has been trying to impose on Latin American,
the Cuban Foreign Ministry (MINREX) on Tuesday.

The official statement released to the media makes a call for the
crisis to be solved by Ecuadorans themselves, without foreign
and in accordance with the principles of sovereignty, independence and
self-determination.  It criticizes the meddling of the US and its loyal
tool, the Organization of American States (OAS) that seek to intervene.

It is shameful that the OAS is invoking the so-called Democratic Charter
question the procedure used in Ecuador to replace Lucio Gutierrez.
Furthermore, it tries to delay taking a clear stand, denounces the

This attitude contrasts with OAS's recognition of the coup d'etat led by
Pedro Carmona in Venezuela in April, 2002 or during the Haitian crisis,
the document.

The statement points out that the new Ecuadoran government has been
supported by different social sectors, including the indigenous movement
important politicians, who have recognized the full exercise of
by the people and its institutions.

The MINREX document recalls that deposed president Lucio Gutierrez had
support of a popular alliance when taking office and that he had the
opportunity to meet the people's expectations.

However, it goes on to note that he betrayed the social and indigenous
forces that led him to office and broke the promises of sovereignty and
social justice by joining the oligarchy and promoting the interests of
United States.

Cuba has been following with much interest and hopes the first public
remarks by the new president Alfredo Palacio and several of his
ministers, regarding the government's intentions to respond to the
demands and lead an independent foreign policy, highlights the Foreign
Ministry statement.


Prensa Latina, Havana

Cuba Supports a Sovereign Solution in Ecuador

Havana, Apr 26 (Prensa Latina) Cuba's Ministry of Foreign Relations 
(MINREX) called on Tuesday for the political situation in Ecuador to be 
solved without foreign interference in the wake of President Lucio 
Gutierrez' dismissal by Congress last Wednesday.

"The current situation in Ecuador must be solved by Ecuadorans 
themselves, without any kind of foreign interference, in strict 
accordance with the principles of sovereignty, independence and 
self-determination," states a MINREX statement.

"It is a shame that, responding to a so-called Democratic Charter, 
the Organization of American States insists now on questioning the 
procedure to replace the previous President and is delaying taking a 
clear stand," the MINREX document denounces. 

This attitude contrasts with expressions recognizing a coup d'Etat 
led by Pedro Carmona in Venezuela, in April, 2002, or during the Haitian

crisis, it adds.

Cuba has followed with interest and hopes the first public remarks by 
the new president Alfredo Palacio and several ministers appointed by 
him, regarding his intention to implement changes in response to social 
demands and pursue an independent foreign policy, the statement 

The text adds that the new government has already been recognized by 
various social sectors, the indigenous movement and main Ecuadoran 
political leaders who have expressed their support of full sovereignty 
for people and institutions.

"With the backing of the popular alliance on which he relied at a 
given time, Lucio Gutierrez had the opportunity to respond to Ecuadoran 
people's expectations, but instead, he betrayed the social and 
indigenous forces that led him to the presidential post and yielded to 
oligarchy and imperialism," the text recalls.

The document says that by demanding dignity and sovereignty, 
Ecuadorans reacted to oppressive economic policies, dollarization of 
the economy and increasing neoliberal attempts.

The former president, it says, vowed to dismantle a corrupt 
government, but then he rapidly yielded to local pressure, forgetting 
his promises to follow a policy of social justice. 

The Ecuadoran crisis, as in other countries of the region, has shown 
that serious economic and social problems cannot be solved with the 
neoliberal economic model the US has tried to impose on Latin American 
peoples, the Cuban Foreign Ministry statement concludes.



OAS in Ecuador: Never Better than Late?

Quito, Apr 26 (Prensa Latina) A mission from the Organization of 
American States arrives Tuesday in this capital for a 3-day visit aimed 
at evaluating the juridical, political, and constitutional panorama in 

The OAS delegates plan to meet with President Alfredo Palacio, 
Government Minister Mauricio Gandara, Foreign Minister Antonio Parra, 
deputies and leaders from the social groups involved in last weeks' 
protests, among others.

The mission will then leave for Brazil to have a conversation with 
former Ecuadoran President Lucio Gutierrez on his leaving Ecuador.

OAS and governmental sources say the delegation's character is 
merely supportive, and its delayed arrival was due to logistic problems 
and others linked to Ecuadoran criticism against Brazil for having 
granted asylum to Gutierrez.

Blasco Penaherrera Padilla, former vice president and chief of the 
Ecuadoran governmental mission to the OAS, said the regional entity 
does not have to interfere in the country's situation.

"It is unconceivable that it ignored its duties for the four months 
the overthrown president deliberately violated the Constitution. This 
international organization lacks competence to acknowledge or deny 
governments. The States themselves are the ones who make their 
decisions," he stressed.

The OAS mission's arrival takes place amid student protests and 
generalized rejection of this entity, which has been rated as obsolete 
and unreliable. 

Since Gutierrez' withdrawal last Wednesday, Ecuadorans have staged 
protests in the surroundings of the Brazilian ambassador's residence 
and the OAS headquarters in the capital, likely to continue as long as 
the OAS stays in the country.


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