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The term "do gooding" misses the actual point. Although the post below implies it, other reports - on Pacifica instance- seem to state that Ruzicka was actually taking U.S. Government money as part of her work.  If  She was performing services for the U.S. military, then an Iraqi in the street could reasonably conclude she was not there for humanitarian purposes (as the two Simonas were, for example) but to further the occupation. Steve

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> (A young activist was killed by a suicide bomber in Iraq yesterday. While 
> the loss of life is tragic, it would appear that Marla Ruzicka lost track 
> of the political tasks facing people of conscience and got side-tracked 
> into "do-good" projects.) 
> The Washington Post, August 23, 2004: 

> In Iraq, she learned that military commanders had the freedom -- and often 
> the resources -- to assist victims quickly, so she sought contacts in the 
> military as well as in the occupation administration. This approach has 
> caused tension with some of her old left-wing allies, who she said have 
> accused her of just helping clean up the mess and making it easier for 
> United States to go to war. 
> Ruzicka's organization operates on an annual budget of about $100,000, 
> funded now in large part by the Open Society Institute, a George Soros 
> organization, with low-cost rental space provided by Human Rights Watch. 
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