[Marxism] First issue of online anti-capitalist journal "Upping the Anti" is now out!

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Fri Apr 15 13:18:55 MDT 2005

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We are pleased to announce that the
first issue of Upping the Anti, a new journal of
theory and action devoted to engaging with and
contributing to debates and discussions taking place
within anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, and
anti-oppressive movements is now out! With a three
person editorial collective and an advisory board of
over twenty activists across Canada, we have created a
new, radical journal to address various problems and
successes of radical organizing in our

You can pick up the journal from local distributors in
your area or you can download the entire journal as a
PDF file from our website at http://auto_sol.tao.ca.
There are two versions of the PDF file, one designed
to be printed and read for personal use, and one layed
out so that by photocoping it double sided you can
make it into a pamphlet/booklet for local distribution.

If you would like to help to distribute the journal,
please email uta_distro at yahoo.ca so that we can add
you to our list of local distributors and arrange to
help you get copies.

To get a hard copy of the journal mailed to you, send
$7 in cash to "Upping the Anti", 900 Dufferin Street,
P.O. Box 24144 Toronto, ON, Canada, M6H 4H6.

In solidarity,

The editors of Upping the Anti.

==> http://auto_sol.tao.ca/node/view/1277

Editorial: Upping the Anti

Grace Lee Boggs: Revolution as a New Beginning
Ward Churchill: Indigenism, Anarchism, and the State

Gary Kinsman: Learning from Autonomist Marxism
Chris Hurl: Anti-Globalization and "Diversity of Tactics"
Selma James: Race, Sex and Class

Activist Roundtables:
Junie Désil, Kirat Kaur, and Gary Kinsman:
Anti-Oppression in Anti-Capitalist Movements
Robbie Mahood, Jeff Shantz and Indu Viashistink: The
Question of Revolutionary Organization

Erin Gray on "Undoing Gender" by Judith Butler
D. Oswald Mitchell on "Multitude" by Hardt and Negri


Frequently asked questions about the journal

Homepage of Upping the Anti
==> http://auto_sol.tao.ca/node/view/1084

To receive updates or to get involved with the journal
project, please email us at: uppingtheanti at gmail.com.


Autonomy and Solidarity formed in September 2003 as a
network of anti-capitalist activists across Canada
interested in discussing and making contributions to a
series of fundamental questions and debates concerning
revolutionary movements nationally and globally.
Autonomy & Solidarity launched its website
http://auto_sol.tao.ca as a way to provide information
and anti-capitalist perspectives to activists. In just
over a year, over 1100 people have registered as users
of the site, and the site features a regular flow of
news and analysis with special features on resistance
to occupation and imperialism in Iraq, Kanehsatake,
and Haiti. There are A&S members in Toronto, Guelph,
Vancouver and Sudbury. If you would like to find out
more about the mandate and vision of Autonomy and
Solidarity, please check out ==>

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