[Marxism] Warming ties with India mean less pressure for "free Tibet"

Intense Red intnsred at socialismonline.us
Tue Apr 12 07:56:33 MDT 2005

On Tuesday 12 April 2005 02:11, Les Schaffer wrote:
 > hard to believe, reading this article on Chinese military developments
 > in the last few years, that Bush and Wolfie et al decided to take a break
 > from Pacific theatre of operations to dynamite a couple tall towers in
 > lower Manhattan, then tangle it up in the Mid East, all to give China a
 > little more free time to prep for a U.S. ass-whuppin.

   Unless, of course, such an attack on the WTC and Mid East war would fit 
into an overall Chinese containment policy.

   We've known that for many years that US imperialists have advocated an 
invasion of Iraq and a full takeover of Middle Eastern and central Asian oil 
resources as a way to control the world's economic bloodline.  Such control 
would certainly help to make the energy-starved Chinese dance to Washington's 

   With that in mind, and with the neo-cons admission that the US people would 
not support such a military campaign without some sort of "new Pearl Harbor", 
the attack on the WTC fits in rather nicely.


"Robert Eaton, co-chairman of my employer, DaimlerChrysler, took home $69 
million in total compensation last year. It would take an employee earning 
$50,000 per year 1,380 years to make that amount. Assuming Mr. Eaton works 60 
hours per week, he earns $50,000 in just two and a half hours. Sound absurd? 
It is." -- John Durback, July 8, 1999

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