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Mike Kramer mkramer666 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 2 18:35:53 MDT 2004

Dear friends and comrades,

Bring the Ruckus is pleased to announce the launching
of our new web site at


BTR is a revolutionary organization dedicated to the
building of a free society through the struggle
against white supremacy.  One of BTR's objectives is
to build a strong revolutionary pole in today's
politic. The new web site is designed to help that
goal. People who have visited our old site will notice
several changes, in addition to a totally new look and

Radical politics are in a difficult place nowadays. 
The political spectrum is filled by conservatism,
liberalism, and fundamentalism, and not much else. 
Even what passes for left politics today is basically 
just a couple steps away from the Democratic Party,
obsessed with opposing Bush, reconciled to capitalism,
and unable to spell out a vision of what a radically
democratic society would look like.  In a way, the
situation of radicals is similar to that of
conservatives in the late 1950s and early 1960s. 
Conservatives then were discredited due to McCarthyism
and had little space in the political spectrum, 
squeezed between welfare liberalism and the rising
radicalism of the Black movements.  In this climate,
William F. Buckley started the National Review
magazine to be an intellectual center of conservatism,

dedicated to carving space for it in the short-term
and to plotting for power in the long-term.

The BTR web site is intended to contribute toward the
development of a radical politics and strategy for the
long term.  The site will be updated every 2-3 weeks
and will include:

* current analysis of national and world events
* in-depth articles on particular struggles,
especially anti-police and anti-prison struggles
(BTR's two main areas of political work)
* updates and happenings of the Bring the Ruckus
* key documents and information regarding BTR
* flames and diatribes against the powers that be

Materials posted won't necessarily align exactly with
BTR's politics or be exclusively written by BTR
members, but will cover issues and ideas that we think
are important for the development of a revolutionary 
American politics.

* "A Three-Cornered Fight: Tasks of Revolutionaries in
the 21st Century" by the 2003 Coordinating Committee
of BTR
"The new global conflict between liberal capitalism
and religious fundamentalism has no space set out for
a 'left' or for anyone who seeks a world without
oppression and the domination of capital.  It has 
no room for those who want everyone to have a say in
those affairs that affect their daily life. We must
carve that space out..."

*  "Bring the Ruckus" by the Phoenix Ruckus collective
The original statement, written in 2001, that brought
together BTR as a national organization

* "A Revolutionary Left" by the Sojourner Truth
"The overriding tendency of the US left, cutting
across what appear to be insurmountable organizational
barriers, is towards centrism and away from its
function as a genuine left providing to the best of
its ability an alternative to all forms and
alternatives of capitalist power. ... This situation
requires the development of a left-tendency, willing
to function as a left, but avoiding any messianic
sense of its own 'vanguard' character..."

We encourage you to give the  new site a look when you
get a chance.

If you would like to receive emails every time we
update our web site 
(approximately every 2-3 weeks), send your request to 
ruckus at agitatorindex.org.

Bring the Ruckus!
ruckus at agitatorindex.org

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