[Marxism] Saints in Haiti

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Sun Mar 14 11:38:05 MST 2004

"Mrs. Delille covers Plaine Danger, her village, and its hamlets as a
field worker for the Haitian Health Foundation, run by a handful of
tough nuns in the provincial capital of Jérémie. In a country where
almost nothing works, the group looks after 200,000 people."

Cuban doctors also work in Haiti but don't expect such a sympathetic
report-if any by the New York Times or the Press of the West-on their
humanitarian exercise.  Note the described  "tough nuns".  Readers
infuse the phrase with admiration for those dedicated women who remain
devoted to their compassionate duty in such harsh conditions.  But how
would American readers interpret "the Cuban Medical Mission, run by a
few tough Communists"?

 The article, from which the above quote emanates, mostly mourns the
misery of the poor who will always be with us, and laments the generous
efforts of the well-intentioned World Bank, UN and USA that have fallen
on the eroded rocks of hopeless Haiti.

This is it:

A Nation Is Scarred by 200 Years of Bad Government

By TIM WEINER, New York Times,  March 14, 2004

PLAINE DANGER, Haiti, March 11 - Diplomats call Haiti "a failed state,"
a nation done in by dictators and disasters.  et cetera . . .

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