[Marxism] EU Elections - Other EU readers read this!

D OC donaloc at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 18 07:57:41 MDT 2004

I am trying to avoid what is a growing conflageration on the list. I have 
just seen Xenon ask to leave the list. Depressing. So let's talk about the 
EU election results.

Si gave a useful account of a recent Respect meeting in England. I found 
that interesting - if not also a little depressing. I want to clarify that n 
an earlier post I didn't mean to imply that the left's vote in Britain had 
peaked at 1.8% (I think its actually 1.67%) - it meant that this is just how 
high it had got so far.

I also enjoyed Calvin's take on the election results. Perhaps Michael Keaney 
might have some interesting take on it all from a British viewpoint. What 
about Jurriaan in the Netherlands or Ed in the Basque country. What happened 
to the left there? What happened to the left in France? Just why was the 
turnout in the new EU states so incredibly low? This was a very interesting 
election - its quite a snapshot of just what's happening across Europe.

Is mise

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