[Marxism] ISO and Cuba

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 18 04:47:16 MDT 2004

Stan Smith is pro-Cuba as I am. So he's who I was asking this of.

I was hoping to hear from those on the list who support the 
ISO position what activities THEY have conducted which demon-
strate that they are, in fact and in action, opposed to the U.S. 
blockade. Comrades of the ISO, please tell us what the ISO 
has done in this regard, beyond writing. I sincerely want to
know. Thanks, in advance.

Walter Lippmann

STAN SMITH WRITES: In answer to Walter, as I have said, the ISO 
does nothing in defense of Cuba. I am here in Chicago, where the 
ISO headquarters is, and they ignore all actions in defense of Cuba 
as much as possible. Their approach is nearly identical to the US SWP's 
approach to the anti-war movement.

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