[Marxism] Militant headline was: "Jew-hatred, red-baiting, Jew-hatred, HEART of 'neocon conspiracy' theories" (my emphasis)

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red-baiting,Jew-hatred, HEART of 'neocon conspiracy' theories" (my


The strategic purpose is to amalgamate the  antiwar protests, the
liberals, the (according to the Militant) ESPECIALLY loathesome liberal
media, and the fanatically hated "middle class left" as attacking Bush
fundamentally from the right and even the radical right, at least


Wrong. The strategic purpose is to inoculate the ranks of the SWP,
thinned as they are, against any involvement in the real world. That is
all. Like any cult, and that is what it has become, the SWP must keep
the world at arm's length. All of the articles cited by everybody in
recent Militant deconstructions have had that as their immediate and
ultimate purpose. What is grosser than Jew-hating, more abominable?
Would YOU want to associate with such types? Certainly not! End of

This cult is no longer a part of the working class movement in any real
way, unfortunate as that may be for the few remaining comrades whom we
wish would come to their senses (Studer comes to mind for me).

I therefore consider it a waste of time, and think it does Marxmail no
good to prattle on endlessly about this corpse of a party. To think this
will lead somewhere valuable, or yield insights into politics--as
opposed to the psychology of cults--is to give the SWP credit it longer
deserves. It is like thinking you will gain insights into quantum
physics by viewing "What the %&#$! Do We Know?"

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