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Sun Jun 13 15:35:10 MDT 2004


Thanks for this link.  My students will be reading it next 
semester in my doco course.

What is going on I think is firstly and most obviously a 
process of the development of a truly oppositional culture 
that demands product - that includes among other things 
heroes like Moore and Chomsky, and films that act as the 
antidote to the "news" produced by media giants and 

I also really believe the earth is moving under those who 
have been screwing us for so long now. But not in any way 
that will celebrate their power over us.

In this context I thought the Reagan funeral was quite 
interesting.  It would seemingly show that the ruling class 
still have a firm grip on the imaginary of the folk of 
America. It was of course appalling to see thousands line up 
to say good bye to that evil SOB, but I think that what was 
at work was a kind of mindless & unfocussed nostalgia for 
other and seemingly better times.  I say unfocussed because 
few surely who lined up to see the coffin, would have known 
anything about the man or what he really stood for.  Reagan I 
think had become the hero of the myth of a successful America 
bringing down the Evil Empire of the Soviet Union.

By contrast today's incumbent cannot even manage the Iraq 
side show. Instead of staging another triumphant dispaly of ?
American power, he has pitchforked the nation back into the 
nightmare of the Vietnam Syndrome. Curiously it was sort of 
like the 'giant's robe upon a dwarfish thief" scenario to see 
Bush at the funeral desperately hoping for an after glow.

But amidst all the horrible imagery and the sight of the 
likes of Gorbachev stroking Reagan's coffin, and the sound of 
Thatcher's voice again, is the comfort that out there in the 
real world the power of the bourgeoisie to construct reality 
in their own image is becoming ever more limited.  They can 
stage manage their carnivals of the powerful, but that only 
creates a backlash, which provides yet more markets for the 
voices (and films) of those who oppose them.



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