[Marxism] RE: what is Antiwar.com?

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Wed Jun 9 11:45:29 MDT 2004

Quoting  John O'Brien:

   > Some of the contributors to this Antiwar.com seem to have in common 
that they are anti-Jewish.  They are classic promoters of anti-semitism. 
> While we correctly oppose the U. S. invasion and occupation of Iraq and 
the neo-cons and the Israeli government's policies, we need to be on guard 
against those Birchers, Larouche supporters and similar forces, that do not 
share our vision for a world of peace, justice and freedom. 
Guilt by association, eh?
Which contributors to ANTIWAR.com, aside from  Pat. Buchanan, would 
you consider  anti Jewish? Just from a cursory look at some of the names 
listed *prominently* on the website, there appears to be quite a number of 
contributors who are Jewish themselves:
 {HYPERLINK "http://www.antiwar.com/glantz/"}Aaron Glantz, William S. Lind, Jim Lobe, Mark Rothchild, Norman 
Soloman, Ran Ha Cohen, Joseph Stromberg.
 Some of the other contributors listed with Jewish sounding surnames 
include: Yuval Dror, J. Michael Waller , Mark Perelman, Nathan Guttman, 
Rick Hellman, John Lichfield
I know, for example, that Ran Ha Cohen is Jewish (if his name wasn't a 
dead give away). I know this because he divulged this information in a 
article he wrote and that was published on ANTIWAR.com concerning "anti 
semitism". I wonder why a website that is a stomping ground for anti 
semitic contributors would even give Mr. Cohen the time and day?

Of course, it might be the nature of a libertarian website to give free space 
to anti semitics -- hence, the label LibERTARIAN. 

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