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To: Walter Lippmann

Ron Paul on this contributors list was a member of the board of the John Birch Society for many years.   He has been a Republican Congressman from Texas for many years.  He ran as the Libertarian Candidate for President (I think in 1992 - I could be wrong on the presidential election, being from memory - but he was the Libertarian candidate, after he supposedly left the John Birch Society governing council.)

Ron Paul remains a member of the U. S. Congress.  He is around the grouping of ex-Birchers that is close to Buchanan and has Phyllis Schlafly in the same orbit.  As you probably are aware, Phyllis Schlafly had been a John Birch Society Board Member for many years.

Some of the contributors to this Antiwar.com seem to have in common that they are anti-Jewish.  They are classic promoters of anti-semitism. 

While we correctly oppose the U. S. invasion and occupation of Iraq and the neo-cons and the Israeli government's policies, we need to be on guard against those Birchers, Larouche supporters and similar forces, that do not share our vision for a world of peace, justice and freedom. 

John O'Brien
Los Angeles
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  The SWP has been sneering at, as an excuse for doing
  nothing about, the struggle against concrete wars that
  are actually going on, for so long one forgets the days
  when "Bring The Troops Home Now" was the SWP's mantra.

  Who are these people? John Pilger's an Australian
  revolutionary journalist and film-maker whose face is
  up on the front page of Green Left Weekly every week:
  http://www.fair.org/media-beat/ (Norman Solomon)
  http://www.ipsnews.net/focus/neo-cons/index.asp (Lobe)

  These are basically left-wingers or left liberals and
  not the fascistic untouchables THE MILITANT suggests.
  As the old saying goes, if you can't beat them with
  logic, baffle them with bullshit, or make excuses.
  Nothing but excuses: Iraqi resistance is remnants of
  Saddam Hussein, Spanish opposition is threatened by the
  scourge of "anti-American" demagogy, Aristede was to
  blame for his own overthrow and Venezuela's president
  Hugo Chavez Frias is a "bonapartist". It's endless and
  it's tragic. But Fidel Castro wasn't enough, either:


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