[Marxism] what is Antiwar.com?

Steve Gabosch bebop101 at comcast.net
Wed Jun 9 04:50:21 MDT 2004

Thank you to Walter for calling attention to the June 28, 2004 Militant 
entitled  "Jew-hatred, red-baiting: heart of claims of ‘neocon’ conspiracy"
by Sam Manuel, available at:

Walter seems uncritical of the web site Antiwar.com, but when the Militant
calls a political web site "Buchananite" and indeed Patrick Buchanan is
clearly a prominent contributor to it, my alarms go off.

I took a look at the site. It is a division of something called the Randolph
Bourne Institute (RBI).

"Antiwar.com  A division of the Randolph Bourne Institute" links to
which explains on its one-page web site:

"Randolph Bourne, a notable American critic and social activist,
courageously opposed World War I.

"The Randolph Bourne Institute (RBI) seeks to honor his memory by promoting a
non-interventionist foreign policy for the United States as the best way of
fostering a peaceful, more prosperous world.

"A non-profit educational entity, the RBI has a number of projects: a
web site, Antiwar.com; a fellows program for writers/researchers; a speakers
program; a student intern and campus outreach program; and a cultural
critique program. All RBI projects attempt
to provide a forum where the entire political spectrum ­ libertarian, left,
right, centrist ­ can join together on the vital issue of opposing war."

Pat Buchanan is one of many frequent contributors to the site.
Contributors to Antiwar.com include:

Justin Raimondo
Matthew Barganier
Alan Bock
Praful Bidwai
Christopher Deliso
Ivan Eland
Mike Ewens
Ran HaCohen
Nebojsa Malic
Sascha Matuszak
Joseph Stromberg
Patrick Buchanan
Juan Cole
Jim Lobe
Kathy Kelly
Charley Reese
Norman Solomon
Bevin Chu
Alexender Cockburn
Anthony Gancarski
Stella L. Jatras
Jason Leopold
Scott McConnell
Christopher Montgomery
Chad Nagle
Christine Stone
George Szamuely
Aaron Glantz
Dahr Jamail
William S. Lind
Rep. Ron Paul
John Pilger
Paul Craig Roberts
Mark Rothschild
Jon Basil Utley

I only recognize Buchanan and Cockburn, which does not mean others are not
prominent. But who are these others?

Does this list of contributors to Antiwar.com accomplish the goal of
providing a "forum where the entire political spectrum ­ libertarian, left,
right, centrist ­ can join together on the vital issue of opposing war"?

What do marxmailers think of Antiwar.com?

- Steve Gabosch

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