[Marxism] zoning (was Report from Boston - question)

Andy Coates esquincle at capital.net
Sat Jul 31 05:16:22 MDT 2004

On Jul 31, 2004, at 6:20 AM, Jurriaan Bendien wrote:
> But is there any sociological-type analysis of the "zoning" of American
> society more generally, i.e. not just as a political development but 
> as a
> cultural or economic phenomenon ?

Zoning is the official name for the political process of urban, 
suburban and rural "planning" in the United States.  For example in the 
phrase "de facto segregation" there is the fact that the wealthy 
neighborhood in question has been zoned in such a way to prohibit the 
creation of affordable housing  and/or that the poor neighborhood in 
question has been zoned in such a way to allow some industry to spew 
its filth down upon that neighborhood's families or farms.  Farmers 
have been "zoned" off their land.  Google it and you'll see.

I don't know much sociology literature, but there is a developing 
literature regarding the relentless metastasis of American suburbia.
On of its leading lights, James Howard Kuntsler is prominently featured 
in the film "The End of Suburbia" (Louis posted a review the other 


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